29 июня 2010 г.

Secret information. Code: 2.442.55: Commandante

2047. Military engineers "United Forces of Freedom" developing vehicles for command directly from the battlefield, a mobile fortress "Comandante", capable to repel enemy attacks, a counter, to track the movement of ground, underground, aerial and space-enemy technology.
With two engines located at the rear, transport can move with great speed, if necessary, to land infantry and armored vehicles, the rear part of the transport landed smoothly and opened the gate, located in the rear.
The upper deck is a helicopter pad and the entrance to the helicopter hangar.
The mobile command center equipped with "stealth", which allows him to remain invisible to enemy radar.

Characteristics of the mobile command center "Comandante."
Equipped with: helipad
Hangars for armored vehicles
Cabins for soldiers
Satellite communications and air defense.